VersaMAPS™ Advanced Multiple Air Pollutant Systems

Low-cost MACT Compliance Systems

Available Features
• Single upflow reactor coupled to fabric filter
• Multiple upflow reactors coupled to fabric filter
• Utilizes standard hydrated lime in recycle mode
• Oxidizer reactor removes NOx and oxidizes mercury
• Preheat system included to avoid acid gas dew point

Design Benefits
• multiple reactors provide infinite turndown efficiency
• reactors are housed within filter eliminating corrosion
• MACT level acid gas, PM, NOX and Hg removal
• online maintenance of filtration compartments
• offline cleaning for near-zero PM emissions

VersaMAPS™ Advanced Gas Cleaning Systems

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VersaMAPS™ Multi-pollutant Removal System Simplified Schematic

VersaMAPS™ multi-pollutant control

The BoldEco VersaMAPS™ (versatile multi-pollutant control system) is a low capital and operating cost solution for removing acid gases, nitrogen oxides, mercury (both ionic and elemental) and particulate matter (including PM 2.5) concurrently. The VersaMAPS™ can be implemented with integrated single-stage oxidizer NOX removal or with a second stage that utilizes ammonia-based reactants for additional NOX removal efficiency. Units consist of one to six identical sub components, which can be installed in stages consistent with regulatory deadlines and the individual needs of the plant.

VersaMAPS™ features
The BoldEco VersaMAPS™ System consists essentially of a traditional circulating dry scrubber, close-coupled to a high-efficiency, high-ratio fabric filter, integrated with a low-temperature oxidizing reactor. The result is a highly efficient method for removing regulated air pollutants at the lowest possible cost.
BoldEco VersaMAPS™ is an efficient and cost effective way of addressing emissions from boilers, refuse derived incinerators, kilns and other industrial processes. The VersaMAPS™ process employs a bed of hydrated lime to neutralize acid gases and other pollutants in the gas stream, which are then collected in the fabric filter component to MACT levels. Upstream of the dry reactor and fabric filter components of the system, an oxidizer is combined with an activator and injected into the gas stream. This proprietary reagent converts NO to NO2, after which it is ultimately converted to nitric acid then neutralized in the reactor. The formation of nitric acid, along with the oxidizer itself, aid in Hg capture by converting elemental Hg to ionic Hg, a form of mercury that is easily captured by filtration.
Among the many VersaMAPS™ innovations, one of its principal features is the integration of classic poppet valves into the established CFB type reactor design, allowing for a simple, low-cost way to isolate one of more of the reactor components and fabric filter compartments for turn-down or on-line maintenance. To protect against potential surface corrosion, a regeneration and heating system is installed in a recycle loop to return each fabric filter compartment to favorable process conditions after it has been taken off-line. The poppet valves and regeneration system also allow for compartment isolation without worries of acid gas condensation-related corrosion or that dangerous gases will release to atmosphere due to lack of sorbent on the filter surfaces once the compartment is brought back on line.

BoldEco VersaMAPS™ distinctions
The BoldEco VersaMAPS™ System consists of well established air pollution control technologies with a few twists. Firstly, a single CFB reactor is replaced with multiple reactors which can be isolated to maintain removal efficiencies at all operating gas flow rates. Secondly, the reactor components are installed within an envelope of the fabric filter housing, allowing for lower gas temperatures and higher reduction efficiencies. Thirdly, the BoldEco ReGen™ off-line regeneration system is included as an integral system component to maintain filter compartment temperatures above dew point during filter regeneration and on-line maintenance, and to regenerate the dust cake onto the filter surface prior to bringing the filter compartment back on line. With ReGen™, acid gas removal rates are sustained even after compartment regeneration, eliminating acid gas corrosion, and in turn, allowing the use of low cost, non-membrane filter media. Finally, since very low gas temperatures are achieved, Hg removal efficiencies are maximized.
The VersaMAPS System’s design, which provides for multiple identical sub units in conjunction with the poppet valve feature, enables only a portion of the system to be run under situations of low load or production output, substantially reducing operating costs while sustaining MACT level pollutant removal rates.

Advantages of VersaMAPS™
• multiple reactors provide infinite turndown
• efficiencies are maintained for all gas flow ranges
• reactors are housed within filter eliminating corrosion
• MACT level acid gas, PM, NOX and Hg removal
• online maintenance of filtration compartments
• offline cleaning for near-zero PM emissions
• uses readily available, low-cost Ca(OH)2 sorbent

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EcoSorb™ Circulating Dry Scrubber is
the Principal Pollutant Control Device in the VersaMAPS System

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Detail of a Single Reactor EcoSorb™
Circulating Dry Scrubber

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BoldEco Air Pollution Control Systems on Hazardous Waste Incineration Plant