Complete Air Pollution Control Solutions

Dedusting, gas cooling and gas scrubbing solutions for a broad range of applications including:

OptiWave™ Fabric filters
OptiPulse™Electrostatic Precipitators
OptiVap™ Evaporative gas cooling
EcoSelect™ DeNOx (SCR, SNCR, Hybrid SCR)
EcoSorb™ DeSOx (Dry Lime / Sodium Bicarbonate)
VersaMAPS™ Multi-pollutant systems
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Turnkey Systems

BoldEco supplies complete turnkey installations from basic and detailed engineering, to procurement, erection and commissioning, as well as ongoing maintenance programs which ensure that your system performs to design throughout its lifetime. All results are fully guaranteed.
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Upgrades and Optimization

Add-on systems and components can be supplied as part of an upgrade to enhance the performance of existing air pollution controls. These systems and components are designed by our experienced engineering staff and are fully guaranteed to perform compatibly with existing equipment.
Existing controls performance can be enhanced with various retrofit strategies, including:
• Equipment upgrade with more efficient components
• Equipment redesign and modification
• Controller upgrade
• Addition of high-performance components
• Addition of back-end polishing systems
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Equipment Financing

Financing is available for complete systems as well as for retrofits and upgrades. No payments are required until the system or retrofit is fully commissioned. Terms of financing range from 5 to 10 years and qualify off balance sheet as an operating expense, which may provide additional tax benefits.